Friday, December 01, 2017

Software becomes Hardware or Cloud OS

What if Operating-System OS Software was a Hardware data like a Gramophone Plate or CDROM. Let us assume the OS is given on a ROM Cartridge. Updates are mailed as New Replaceable Plugin Cartridges. Just Plug out Old OS and Plugin New.

Then where is the Term "Security Issues". It becomes Obsolete, Antiquated for the rest of this Creative Life Cycle of Planet Earth.

Linux Cloud Distro - There is no need for download or install. Tux in the Cloud.

Linux Cloud Distro - Tux in the Cloud.

Even if there is a Hacker or Virus or Malware or Spyware. Only your Applications, Data and Settings have to be protected. The PC, Netbook, Tablet or Handheld never goes down.

Now there is another way, The OS in the Cloud. The Applications are in the Cloud. Only The GUI outputs and GUI inputs are transmitted online.

Hosted Apps are so much safer and easier that those you need to setup in your own space. Hosted OS is still not a Reality. Then we move from Dumb VT100 Terminals to Dumb Tablets which act as Multimedia Terminals for the Remote PC you Own in the Clouds.  HD Video is a Reality today, streaming apps too.

The day OS will stream is a long way off. Maybe, Maybe Not. Till that happens, we are all Primitive Computing People. (like stone age)

Cosmic Creativity by delabs - 2005-2006

Captcha Like Technology for Secure Login

Entering Login details thru Keyboard has been found to pose security risks. I just got an idea which i will explain with an example. This is much safer as it uses mouse clicks and no ASCII characters encrypted or otherwise move on the SSL Page in TCP/IP, No keystrokes are generated since only a Mouse is used.

When the Secure Login page is visited by the User, He will see an image (png) with randomly generated Numbers (or Alphabets).

Captcha Like Technology for Secure Login

This is done using a Captcha like process.

Now the user in order to Login to his Account will click the Numbers (image map - js onclick). The numbers can be scrolled, inc/dec (area on number top/bot). He will set the User ID and Password with a series of clicks (just like Combination lock.

When he is done he will Press Login. The safest Login that can ever be achieved, no trace of number anywhere. The only risk is posed by an Onlooker or a Webcamera, Hence this can be used in closed Opaque kiosks only.

Alternative -

A Random Captcha AlphaNumeric KeyBoard Layout Imagemap. The User and Password field will be textboxes as usual. The User will click into textbox, a key-layout appears on right (ajax). The user clicks the alphabets and numbers on keyboard image and then he presses Login.

Here the password will appear as ****. And the keyboard imagemap layout is random size usable AlphaNumeric Single png Image.

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( Idea date :17:47 19-Dec-07, Type : Open Source)