Monday, February 05, 2018

Secure Authenticated RSS-XML Feeds and Feedreaders

Suppose you want to have a simple means of communication with a known individual online without the need to a routine task to check or sort mail, there is, we know a solution. which is instant text messaging. Spam in this is very rare.

Secure Authenticated News is hard to find

 Secure Authenticated News is hard to find

Now an alert comes by email, about some secure site, you have to first find if it is real or it is a phishing-spoof. You first go in your browser to your secure-site and verify. So communication of such kind has to be a combination of Instant-messaging and email. If the secure site sends a IM + eMail. Then you know it is real. As you have only known contacts on your IM.

Now one step further, if the secure site in which you have your account has a secure encrypted rss-xml feed of your account which can only be read with an user-id and password.

Now You have a feedreader for secure sites with provision for authentication. You place your accounts feed and setup the login. Now once a day or once a week it reads the encrypted private feed and you are updated about the status of your secure account. The Client feedreader also can be given access by secure site, which will note the programs serial number and vendor number and the NIC Number.

(Idea - Wednesday, December 27, 2006, Revised - 31 March 2007, Nature - Open Source)

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