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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Android HandHelds

This is an aggregation of delabs design notes in relation to Tablets like Android devices. The notes apply for tablets of other OS types too.

Use an App for 5 inch Mobile 3G devices. Websites for above 7 Inches WiFi devices like Tablets, Notebooks and Computers. -  delabs was Promoting Tablets from 2005 to 2015.

Devices with Screen Sizes Seven Inches and above in any OS are usable and practical for Viewing Websites, Blogs, CMS and WebApps. Hence it may not be practical to make your websites or blogs to work on small screens, as not much work can be done.

Android HandHelds

Dedicated Mobile versions of sites with summaries or updates, like it was long ago, may be useful but may need to be replaced with an app. In other words smaller devices like your Five inch smartphone on a Slim Battery with no mouse or large keyboard, on an expensive data network, is not a full fledged business or browsing tool. The way to approach this is only with Apps suited for such screens, usability and networks.

5-6 inch and Less Use Only App  --|||--  7 inch to 30 inch Responsive with Font Zoom  -- |||--  TV Zoom All & Font Zoom+

Vital Needs for Tablets to move Ahead

HardDisk makers could make a Disk for Tablets. Think of MEMS, Linear Array Movements, CCD Heads.

HDD Brainstorm - Tangential Thinking is needed to create a new Hard-disc for Tablets to Augment the flash disk.

Power Base - Gadget with Storage, Power Pack, Dock, DVD drive for easy integration with tablet or smartphone.

Bluetooth or "Wireless USB" Speakers can be in "Power Base".

Android OS to detect more peripherals like DVD and run applications of a Network Drive so utility expands.

Tablets on March 2015 

Claustrophobia - This is a common idea solution to all types of tablets. Android, Windows, iOS and some Linux types. Today we have Home Cloud Drives that have Wi-Fi and 1-3 TeraBytes of Space.

Let us say we carve out an App-Server in this and download and cache 100 Apps from the App-Stores. Now with a "Portable Apps" launcher in your SmartPhone or Tablet. Launch your favorite App, it Streams to the RAM, no flash is used. No App Installed.

This is safe, does not use flash and a Home Wi-Fi Media and App Server makes you feel the App is right in the phone. One day with Fiber-Optic Networks and Super Speed Internet, these Apps can even stream from the clouds. That is far away. The practical way to enhance storage or your portable devices is this WiFi Mini Intranet Private Clouds. You could do that even today.

Three Power States 2012

Other than the Wide Awake fully functional state, there has to be a 'Nap' and the 'Sleep' State.(It is Partial Implement in most tablets)

Nap or Sleep in Android Device

The Sleep State like Standby will not allow the Apps in memory to continue running and Background tasks like GPS, Pinging, Status Check or alerts must not happen. The battery consumption must be close to the 'Off' State. Using only power for that Quick Awake in place of full boot.

In the Awake State Apps in background like Inactive Games must either close by themselves or consume no power. Many people will forget to close the apps, some apps consume power even when there is no activity in the apps.

The Nap State is a Sleep of a Dog, means half awake, then some background apps can run. Giving alerts by beeps/Led flash if so wanted without the system turning on. This is a Low Power Consumption state which means the Tablet is working - low Resources.

One could have a option to Turn Off, Nap or Sleep. Even the Timed Auto Off can be set to Nap, Sleep or Shutdown as the user Prefers. Default being Sleep with a Alert saying all Background activities are suspended with no alerts. It is the Battery that needs to last.

Tablet Power Nov 13

Battery charge condition reporting like 85% should be on a good load. That is we pulse a electronic load and see the battery voltage. Else the battery will show full charge on small loads, even if it is 80%  charge. Some hardware take care of this, some do not. Battery full charge can be ensured by an hour of charging after it shows charged on such devices.

Butter Fingers and Ironman Thumb Issues 2012

Not all Men/Women/Neumen are alike. Some have movements with less control and others like Hands-on Miners or Blacksmiths have fingers with a layer of Tough Corny Coat to protect it.

Thimble Touch

We need 'Touch Gloves' or 'Touch Thimble'. (Made of Soft Silicones )These will empower even Ironman and 'The Hulk' to use a Tablet, Then only a Military Grade Space Ruggedized Version will do.

Too Slim is not Sensible

Let us not make tablets too slim just for fancy, Battery can be a bit bigger and tablet more sturdy. We need more 10 inch and 12 Inch versions. Tablets are the future and serious business. We have to make it the Ultimate Client Computing Instrument.

Need to Dock 2012

Tablets like 10 inch types must come with a Desktop Dock like the Notebook Computers have. Placing in Dock, should just be dropping in a slot and snapping into place. An Integrated Keyboard and USB hub is also needed. The Tablet Battery Charger Circuitry must be designed to go into float or trickle charge when the Tablet is left in the dock for days. No Overcharge fear nor a battery dead tablet due to no charging.

An ability to use the Tablet as Monitor if possible. Means HDMI in/out both, maybe some have these. The Dock can also have the Taskbar Mini LCD using USB. This gives a Clutter free Screen and Desktop Computing Usage. The Dock can have Ampli-Speakers. Do not forget Bass Boost.

We can also build Battery Packs in some of the Tablet-Keyboard Case/Dock. In case of power failure (docks) or in the situation of battery going low during travel (cases)...  The Battery Pack can recharge the tablet at least twice.

Tablet Things 2012

Internet Independent Apps/Textbooks for Education with entire School bag and Integrated Education Calender.

A WiMax Network in Rural Areas also by Private Companies to make Affordable Internet for Students and Schools.

 A Tablet, a Pen and a Notepad is all that a Student will carry to his School or College other than the Lunch-Box.

Android App Ideas
From my "Ideas of delabs"  dated around 2011


An app to interface with Sonar, Micro-Camera-Matrix or Micro-Radar Walking Sticks for the aged or people having an impairment. This app can communicate with another user's app, so that a family member or friend can keep a track of him.

It could be just a walk in the park, Another can sit on the bench and keep him alerted of any tricky negotiations. It also can be computed by a webapp which can Voice-Guide him to safety.


Wikipedia Search Results combined with an AI Query and Data-mining Engine integrated with a High Quality Text-to-Speech; can help people hear Answers to Questions they ask. Optional pictures and video on a concealed LCD Screen, Packed into a Feather Bag called "Dolly the Know-all Dodo". A witty, impertinent, extra-smart Bird-Bot.


I listen to music that was created in the Mono Age. You know about Pseudo Stereo, DSP Sound Synthesis too. What if it was a Live Mono-to-Stereo App, That can be be like a filter or effect like in some of the Computer Music Player. This needs to use Touch Screen.

Play your Mono mp3, run this App. A Hall with all the Music Instruments thrown at one end and a Guy-icon representing you Appears.

Set the size of the Hall and Acoustic Type. Now for the Ambiance Simulation. Drag Drop the Guy (Listener) to some point in the hall. Similarly move the various instruments to suitable locations. Put the Vocalists on the Stage. The app uses DSP and Fuzzy Logic to Separate and Phase/Delay the sounds. Every time you play the same Song, the Stereo Improves.

delabs design Notes - 2008 to 2018

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