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In the 90s delabs developed some ideas about computing and engineering. These were even published in websites online around the year 2000, called them Y2K ideas. (sangear)

Then later delabs created blogs and sections that were called "Ideas of delabs" "Nomadic Computing" and "delabs design notes". It had even dedicated sections for portable devices, netbooks and web computing later in 2005 (iGoogle days)
    Product Engineering - Has most of the curated old ideas in the pages and posts.

    Now those sections and sites have been shutdown due to costs, idea plagiarism both by firms and individuals. I like to call them "Idea Squirrels" a type of Human Behavior perceived and conceived by Scott Adams.

    RF Wireless and Photonics - The original Nomadic computing blog now dedicated for RF and communication. The Word WebOS was coined here by me in 2005-6, it was called Online Operating System or desktop.

    This is the final archive for all those stuff, curated and cleaned. The value and magnitude of application of these ideas are high, as this developed computing for all.  More ideas, feedback and application from my side will happen only if i get financial support for my activities. I have to be credited and recognized for my contributions.

    This archive will remain as long as the web remains. I have to focus only on my EE Hardware Design work.

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