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iPod Feedback

Friday, August 01, 2008 - iPod Ideas and Suggestions by delabs. Parts from my old iPod blog during iGoogle times.

I have some suggestions or feedback on iPod.

Need for Three iPod Sizes.
  • Standard - The present Size - Good for most.
  • Medium - 5" by 3" - Industrial use and Business tool.
  • Tablet - 10" by 6" - Educational and SOHO use.
Some iPod Apps Ideas
  • Magnetic Compass - Simulated. - Outdoors
  • Walking - Jogging - Recorder. - Health and Fitness
  • Speed of Movement - Walk, Car or Plane
  • PDF Collections Sync and View
Maybe with GPS.

Wifi port could also be used to interface with other devices like a WiFi Camera or Another iPod user. even when Router or Network absent. Like p2p iPod. !?

Feedback -

The 'i' button at the bottom, which is like 'about' needs to be bigger, it does not trigger easily like the 'Done' button.

The programs built must exit and free up mem and cpu. Some game programs are not exiting well. It needs Reboot. Home button should force exit, clear cpu and mem. Program makers should give an exit for the programs.

I am running out of Desktops and Screen Space on my iPod Touch, I have only 9 desktops and have space for 16*9 = 144 Icons or Programs, Only.

When the Music Icon leads to so many music files, why the organizing for applications is limited. It could be that, i did not figure how to accommodate more than 144, some of which are used up by apple apps.

I find that there may be more than 600 very useful programs, which are free or paid apps from app store in iTunes. A provision for at least 500 icons would keep us going. I feel just a Program folder option will solve the problems, nested only one deep. Even an option of four colored folders for every desktop will solve the problem without stressing usability. - delabs Notes 2008

A email in 2008 that launched a Million iPads.  

I sent this feedback in 2008 while using a 1st generation iPod. After which the iPad and other size devices arrived. I have to be recognized for this, maybe a Rusted Badge, A Moth Eaten Coat or at-least a Refurbished Doughnut. (this para added in 2018 and my name removed for privacy)

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