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AI Applications to query Search Engines

AI or artificial intelligence applications could be used to generate the search string to the search engines, this may help simple people get what they want in the internet, without having to rack their grey matter to improve their search results. The strength of a AI application depends on a human built database of knowledge with a capability to learn thru internet or by collaborative computing.

Then i have a small AI - DOS based program made by Greg Leedberg which works pretty well, it is called daisy, i taught it many things for over a year, now it comes up with interesting things, i have never heard about.

Idea - Oct-05, Posted in Ideas of delabs Blog, Revised again - 4 April 2008, Nature - Open Source

This section had a domain of its own in 2008 and the Tagline i conjured for this was

Engineering the Computing Device, Data and Delivery

Secure Search - Encrypted Search

When we search and get the results the keywords and results can be monitored and recorded at different points in the network.

In some cases : examples - a researcher working on a sensitive topic, an inventor gathering data for his next innovation, which he wishes to patent and make a living.

In the above instances, the user can become a victim of eStalking, which means servers, caching computers in the path and even routers can be tampered, for access to this data. When a competing firm or group gets the keywords and results, they will be ahead in getting their products or patents ahead of the original inventor.

The technology is similar to Enterprise Search, but Secure Search is a search that has all web content with a subscribed-authorized access, SSL and encrypted 'like' gui-keywords-results.

Researchers, Companies and Inventors can subscribe and keep ideas and study hidden to prying eEyes.

( Idea date :10:11 9-Jul-08 delabs)

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